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The sleek and compact design of the OnePlus 9R makes it one of the most unique devices on the market. With its metallic finish, it gives off an edgy vibe rather than a sleek and pristine one. The device has two different cameras on board – one taking standard quality images and videos and the other with high definition video recording. In addition to these two options, the OnePlus 9R also features a dual screen feature for easy multi-tasking. It does away with many of the extra gimmicks and instead makes its debut with a simple but functional design.

The oneplus 9r is probably the most affordable phone from the company s recent flagship series which comes with the popular Oxygen OS platform. Although its predecessors touched new heights in terms of price, the 9R manages to have a fair price tag without compromising on the amount of features packed into it. A good example of this is the fact that the phone comes with a free software called Oxytone which is a skin replacement app which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the handset but also improves its functionality. As of the moment, the Oxytone skin can be downloaded for free from the official website of the manufacturer. oneplus 9r

One of the best selling features of the smartphone is the OxygenOS 3.5 operating system which is comprised of many features such as, enhanced stability, enhanced performance, enhanced connectivity and many others. The OxygenOS 3.5 operating system features a drastic reduction in resource usage which is why it is considered one of the most affordable flagship smartphones in the market today. The OxygenOS also provides users with a free, customized, online community with a large database of active users.

The OnePlus 9R offers a solid hardware build with powerful features and has a solid RAM and CPU. The two processor power houses of the device combine to deliver the powerful processor that any flagship smartphone should offer. This allows the user to multitask easily and speedily. In addition, it allows the user to browse the internet without having to wait for the pages to load completely.

One of the best features of the smartphone is its virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard of the smartphone functions just like a physical keyboard except that it has all the preinstalled apps pre-loaded into it thus giving the user access to virtually type anything that they might want to type. However, many consider this to be an unnecessary feature and do not find the use of these apps to be worthwhile. The virtual keyboard however is a helpful feature that most people take for granted. The OxygenOS 3.5 OS also offers an inbuilt translator which ensures that the language proficiency of the user increases with each use of the device.

With a stunning display, a high-end processor and a one notch keyboard, no wonder the OxygenOS on the oneplus 9r is considered one of the best smartphones in the market today. Users are raving about the features that the device has to offer. Users have been complimenting the device for its ability to multitask and run various tasks simultaneously. Users are also raving about the excellent battery life on the phone that lasts up to 25 hours, something that is more than what many other devices offer.

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